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Swan at Aston marina

In Aston Marina for June

Decided to stay in the Marina and visit friends locally.
But we’ve been very busy getting Chrissie ship-shape after 2 winters of neglect.


On a bike ride to Exeter Quay

We took the pushbikes on the back of the car to near Countess Weir the other day, and rode along the river Exe and Exeter


Sandy Park, Exeter. New Marriot Hotel

Over the winter we’ve been watching the growth of new hotel at Sandy Park where Exeter Chiefs have their rugby ground. It will be called the Courtyard. A nine storey £25M


During the 3rd Lockdown

Living only a short drive away from wonderful beaches and walks on Dartmoor it’s very frustrating being restricted to only walks from home for exersise.


Locked in, and locked out!

Looking back over a few of our Narrowboat cruises I came accross this that happened to us, It may brighten your day in these awkward times.


South Devon Railway

A day out on the South Devon Railway. Brilliant! From Buckfastleigh to Totnes, only a short ride but fantastic fun. Hats off to the volunteers


Brenin’s Crown

I’m immensely proud and grateful to Janet Ruth, an American authoress, for using one of my photographs of Scorhill Stone Circle as the front cover


Winter 2010-11

The UK has had its fair share of bad weather for this time of year.Life becomes difficult when it snows heavily on Dartmoor. The farmers are


Winter 2009-10

Furlong Barn where we lived until 2015, on the wall in our garden. This Fox looks in need of feed, but our hens are only a