Brenin’s Crown

I’m immensely proud and grateful to Janet Ruth, an American authoress, for using one of my photographs of Scorhill Stone Circle as the front cover image for her latest 300 page Romance Novel, Benin’s Crown.

I’m a slow reader so haven’t read it yet but the text below taken from the rear cover describes the novel.

As the daughter and only child of Queen Morveren and King Brenin, young Addien leads a life of luxury and security. But when all she loves is torn from her, she must learn to survive by relying on her own courage and strength of character. In doing so, she also learns about trusting others and holding onto her faith.

Growing to womanhood in dangerous times, she must face disappointment, betrayal, and isolation while keeping a secret many would die to discover. For she alone has the power to choose who will take her father’s place as king.

Set in the Dark Ages of British history, the story moves from a Roman-built city, to a ring of standing stones, to a Celtic stronghold, each based on real historical sites. In this land of contrast merged the passion of the Celts, the intelligence of the Romans, and the influence of the early church. This is where faith and fantasy meet, where good and evil are not always clearly defined, and it is not always possible to know the right thing to do.

Janet Ruth – Brenin’s Crown – A Celtic Romance

Copies of the book are available from the publishers Booksurge at or by email Or Amazon at ISBN is 978-1-4392-6605-2