Chrissie - 2020

A summary of our cruising on Chrissie throughout 2020


Welcome back.

If you’ve read 2019, thank you, you’ll remember the boat overwintered in Stafford Boat Club, but HAD to be out by April 1st, as the space we occupied is normally the home mooring of a club member, who, after an overwinter re-paint somewhere, was returning to take up his space.
This suited us well, as we normally start our cruising then anyway. But we all know what happened to any plans for 2020, Covid-19. Unfortunately the restrictions meant that no one could move on the water from lock-down. 

Chrissie was about to be homeless…

…with no secure long term mooring (an insurance requirement).
So at the last minute we secured another Marina mooring at Aston Marina in Stone. Only 13 miles and 4 locks away, so we hastily travelled to Stafford and moved her to Aston, where she is now.
We’ve now heard (25/06/2020) and with easing of restrictions, that we are allowed to visit and stay overnight on the boat and cruise if we want to, yipee.
Before the pandemic…..

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The shortest cruise ever?

Due to Covid-19 and the first lockdown in March, then all the restrictions we haven’t managed to cruise at all this year.
Before the second lockdown started on 5th Nov we spent 2 nighs aboard Chrissie in Aston Marina where she’d been since late March, to prepare her for this winter all alone.
Despite being untouched

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