AGA Barrel Lifting Kit

My own unique design of the
AGA Barrel or Hot Plate Lifting kit 
For sale on this website.
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This eBay link takes you to my ebay items for sale, sometimes lots, sometimes not many.
Over 2400 items sold and 100% positive feedback. 

Lingo Design

Run by my daughter Elizabeth, Lingo Design is: “a graphic design, marketing and website design agency, covering the UK from their studio in Norfolk.
Fresh and tasty websites, complemented with comprehensive SEO services, unique print designs, stylish branding and dynamic digital marketing campaigns.


Run by our Daughter Jennifer.

The Ultimate Help Guide for Mums & Dads in Exeter!
Such as;
Where are the best toddler groups in Exeter?
Where can I get breastfeeding help?
Where can I buy cloth nappies?
What is “The Baby Room” ?

RS2 Online, a great resource and community for the Escort RS MKI and MKII


What is this playpark in Exeter all about?
This is an inclusive playground where the equipment is almost all wheelchair accessible. The equipment is designed to encourage co-operative play and is large enough to be used by older disabled children who may need more space for wheelchairs and sometimes helpers.
King George V Playing fields, Topsham Road, Exeter, EX2 6HE

Staffordshire past track

More than 30,000 resources, Map search and historical maps.
A wonderful archive of Stafford and Staffordshire.
Thank you for the Lloyds Garage photograph.