Winter 2010

The UK has had its fair share of bad weather for this time of year.
Life becomes difficult when it snows heavily on Dartmoor.

The farmers are having a terrible time, not only with the blanket of snow but with temperatures never getting above freezing during the day and falling to -15 at night. All the indoor drinking water for the livestock has frozen solid.

Our farmer is letting the stock back into the fields to drink for a short time, before bringing them back in again. Difficult enough normally, but testing in these conditions.

We haven’t had the car out for over a week now, fortunately we stocked up with provisions and should be ok till after Christmas.

Our village is within walking distance and the main roads to it are now passable for HGV deliveries so at least the shops have enough to keep stocks up.

This pic taken on Christmas day. All the snow has gone now, (31st Dec)
thank goodness.
Quite a weight of snow on the greenhouse roof.
Didn’t want to leave it in case we had even more.