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Chrissie 2018

River Weaver

From the bottom of the Anderton Boat Lift there’s a choice, left upstream toward Winsford or right towards Weston Marsh and the junction with the Manchester Ship Canal.
We go left, and

Chrissie 2018

Middlewich to Anderton Boat Lift

We were able to see the 2018 canal breach on the Middlewhich arm of the Shropshire Union that has rendered it unusable……….

Chrissie 2017

Denver Sluice to Downham Market, and back.

From March we navigated the tidal link between Salters Lode and Denver Sluice.
A short blast against the tide of about 15 minutes before being able to moor above the sluice, as pictured here with the sluice behind us. Great mooring, just happens to be next to the Jennings Pub.
From Denver we are able to cruise……..

Chrissie 2017

Northampton and River Nene to Peterborough

After the Rothersthorpe lock flight and the Northampton Arm of the Grand Union Canal we spent 2 nights in Northampton Marina, a secure mooring allowing us to regroup and relax in the City before starting on the River Nene. The Nene is a great river, no dramatic……….

Chrissie 2017

Underway! Ventnor to Northampton

Arrived at Ventnor Marina on 14th April, but were unable to get underway until the 25th April due to attending a funeral in Stafford.
But at last, heading towards Norfolk from Ventnor Marina (Nr. Calcutt)/Napton Junction.
This first part of our season from Ventnor to Norfolk, is a trip of 120 miles and 76 locks, made up of 5 miles, of narrow canals; 51 miles, of broad canals; 61 miles………..

Chrissie 2016

Gloucester Docks

I’ts great to rest up for a while and enjoy an area, and Gloucester is well worth it. Click here for the next chapter in


South Devon Railway

A day out on the South Devon Railway. Brilliant! From Buckfastleigh to Totnes, only a short ride but fantastic fun. Hats off to the volunteers


Brenin’s Crown

I’m immensely proud and grateful to Janet Ruth, an American authoress, for using one of my photographs of Scorhill Stone Circle as the front cover


Winter 2010-11

The UK has had its fair share of bad weather for this time of year.Life becomes difficult when it snows heavily on Dartmoor. The farmers are


Winter 2009-10

Furlong Barn where we lived until 2015, on the wall in our garden. This Fox looks in need of feed, but our hens are only a