Underway! Ventnor to Northampton

This first part of our season, from Ventnor to Norfolk, is a trip of 120 miles and 76 locks, made up of 5 miles, of narrow canals; 51 miles, of broad canals; 61 miles, of small rivers; 1/2 mile of tidal rivers; 1 1/2 miles, of seaways; 17 narrow locks; 58 broad locks; 1 lock on a major waterway. Oh yes, and Braunston Tunnel (2042 yards long)!
Seems daunting, but a great journey, last completed in 2005.
Pictures below at Ventnor Marina, the resident Swan, and at the top of Rothersthorpe flight of locks on the Grand Union Northampton arm, 13 locks in the flight, 17 to Northampton.
And the first lock (No.13) after the flight under the M1 Motorway, surprisingly quiet there.
And our mooring for the night just by the Swan Valley Aqueduct before running through the next batch of locks into Northampton.

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