May 2022

Late April actually, and we leave Aston Marina where Nick, Sandra and crew have looked after us really well for the last couple of years, and head off for Crick Boat Show.
Being close to Stafford has meant we can catch up with friends there.
So, from Staffordshire to Northamptonshire. Not far as the crow flies or by road but by canal it’s 85 miles and 38 locks, not to mension the 2 moveable bridges; 26 small aqueducts or underbridges and 3 tunnels Newbold Tunnel (250 yards long), Braunston Tunnel (2042 yards long) and Crick Tunnel (1528 yards long) a total of over 2 miles underground, and take 11 days at 4 hours a day.
So on the 27th of April we set off from Aston Marina heading for Crick.
Plenty of time and we hadn’t got to be there until June 1st.

Via Fradley Junction where we locked down to moor opposite the services and visitor centre for an overnight stay.
Topping up with drinking water and using the recycling and waste facilities.

The next day reversing back up the lock to turn onto the Coventry Canal.
It’s not very often we get to reverse up or down locks, but the mooring upstream on the approach to the junction is very limited.
Anyway to do something different at a lock adds interest to the journey. 

The Coventry Canal seamlessly Joins the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal further along.
The only notice of this is a small plaque by the towpath.

On Through the Atherstone flight of locks and turn onto the Ashby Canal to Trinity Marina where we have a possible buyer to see the boat. (No luck).
Then back onto the Coventry Canal to continue towards Braunston through the attractive Hawkesbury Junction to Braunston, said to be the epicentre of Canal life in working days.
A passing fuel boat topped us up with Diesel at Anstey.

A few pictures of Braunston, the iconic double cast iron bridges made by Horseley Ironworks that span the “Y” shaped junction between the Grand Union and the Oxford Canal. Braunston Church that would have seen many boaters there. A Typical stone cottage in the town. The famous Butchers with a vast array of pies etc. A double lock, and a peaceful mooring.
21st May. Turning left shortly at Norton Junction onto the GU Leicester Line towards Crick.
First up is the Staircase flight of Watford Locks, then Crick Tunnel at 1,528 yards long.
We’ve made good progress which allows us some time to pass Crick and cruise up to Foxton Locks via the Welford Arm and it’s 1 lock for a couple of days.
And at Foxton Locks to have lunch with good friends and fellow boaters Jan and Graham. Graham had taken delivery of a new fresh water pump for us so we were able to fit that before the show.

Turning, or “winding”, as it’s propperly called at the top of Foxton we cruised back to Crick and into the Marina on 30th May and our show berth for the next 5 days.
Please see June 2022.