June 2022, At Crick Boat Show

We arrived at Crick on Wednesday 30th May which gave us a full day to clean the boat, yet again, both of us as a propper team working hard to get her ship-shape and ready for the 25 pre-booked trade and press visitors prior to the show opening to the public on Friday.
Having done Crick with Chrissie in 2016 we knew it would be full-on as soon as the gates opened, and we were right.
Press from Waterways World being the most demanding, wanting to see the engine compartment fully open, which is quite involved and loads of technical questions.
Good feedback though, and most couldn’t believe she was 6 years old, worth all the cleaning.

Very interesting to be there as the show ground was being finalised, forklifts, cranes, marquees going up and all the last minute prep.
Widebeam boats have to be delivered by road and craned in, as the canal here is only a narrow canal and the locks are only 7′ wide, Widebeams are nearly double that.
Thankfully the weather was good and we were able to set up and be ready.
The next 3 days were a blurr, non-stop viewings, people looking for ideas, interested to buy a new boat, a secondhand one or just being nosey.
We had a few very interested in Chrissie but at the end of the show no firm sale which was a bit demoralising to say the least.
Then early the next day a request to see her again, then yet another, things were looking up.
Barry and Richard were the first to return and after a couple of hours and a trip out and back she was sold.
Previously we had offered delivery, not knowing where to! They are based on the Llangollen Canal with their current boat so can we take her there? Just our luck as the journey is a repeat of getting to Crick, and more the other end. At least we know it well.

And as for promoting Stoke Boats, we do know they have taken several orders for new boats and other work besides. So a good job all round.