April 2022

After much consideration we have decided to sell Chrissie this year!

Back onboard now on 13th April, time to get on with the sale preparation. It’s been a fretful time for us trying to decide the best way to market our much loved Chrissie.
Traditional way is via a broker, and there’s quite a few to choose from these days. We’ve used ABNB before, based in Northamptonshire and they are considered to be one of the best. Downside is that the dearer the boat the more the commission, and it looked like that could run to 8K!
We know we’re more than capable of selling, and Chrissie shouldn’t take much trouble to sell, just a case of getting the right buyer to view.
So while based in the marina we thought we’d give Apollo Duck a go, it’s a web based portal, cheap to advertise on and is obviously worldwide.
This seemed to be working well and we had several potential buyers come to view, and make offers but not at the right price.
We had exhibited Chrissie at Crick Boat Show when she was new in 2016 for Stoke Boats (the builders), and thought it would be good if we could exhibit her there again for Stoke Boats, this time as a boat 6 years old for people to see just how a good boat stands up to treatment and of course sell her in the process. Stoke Boats would normally exhibit there but as it happened they hadn’t got a finished boat to show, so they were happy for us to go instead, and us pay for the show berth! £2,500.00 fingers crossed.