From Launch to Crick Boat Show.

From Launch to Crick.

Chrissie had only been launched a day or so before, and the team were still adding the last minute touches.
We had our first night with her still in the wet dock as the hire van needed to be returned to the depot in Stoke the next day.
Very heavy rain storms during Saturday postponed our departure until Sunday 22nd.
But that left us only 5 days to do the journey of 98 miles, 53 locks and 3 tunnels.
We did it in 44 hours, just over 8 hours a day. Not quite how we planned our leisurely cruising on a new boat, but necessary.
Chrissie performed well on the journey, and despite it being cold and wet we were comfortable.
And the crowd at Crick Show, Chrissie is in there somewhere.

Over 300 people viewed her at the show with excellent comments; following the show Stoke Boats had 5 build bookings.
Mercifully weather at the show was good.
We decided to return to Stoke after the show for some jobs to be finished.
Tuesday 2nd June and it was raining, again. We had to leave the Crick marina that day and managed to hang on until pm when there was a dry spell. After 50 hours of cruising it was necessary to do an oil change on the gearbox, thank goodness it only needs doing about once a year from now on.
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