Crick back to Stoke Boats

Retracing our journey, from Crick, stariaght into Crick Tunnel then Watford Locks down to Norton Junction, Braunston Tunnel, through Braunston and on up to Marston Junction and onto the Ashby Canal, where met up with old friends Mick and Rita at the new Bosworth Marina. (Pump-out) We cruised with them up to the end at Snarestone and back to BM Marina. 11th June, Elizabeth and Andy paid us a surprise visit on the Ashby, for my birthday, brought beers and chocolate!
Returned home by train from Bosworth Marina.
Back on board and retracing the Ashby to Marston Junction and a right turn we cruised to Fazeley Junction on 17th June.
Another refuel and on up to Fradley Junction again. Then up to Great Haywood Junction and a left turn onto the Staffs and Worcester Canal, (this a slight detour from the direct route to Stoke) overnight at Tixall Wide on 22nd June, and on towards Stafford to meet up with old friends, hence the detour.
Stafford, (Radford) and a short trip to Stafford Boat Club with Jill’s cousin Jan and her sister Sue and son Lucas to take on water and wind (turn) for return to Radford. Met up with more old Stafford friends John And Elaine Sanders and Richard Wright at Baswich.
Then left at Gt. Haywood and back on route to Stoke Boats for finishing jobs and train home to Exeter.
The weather back from Crick to Stoke had again been wet and cold for June and July which took some of the pleasure out of cruising but Chrissie is warm and spacious, with good radio and TV.
Well done Jill for getting to grips with our new boat so quickly and handling her in and out of locks, and of course, for keeping not only me but numerous guests well fed.

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