It’s always good to get feedback, and suggestions for improvement. As comments come in I’ll post them here.

Peter from Newmarket. Feb 2019. Rob,I just wanted to say that I just have used a newly purchased crane for lifting the centre from my AGA . I am glad to report it worked extremely well and I was most impressed with the quality of the engineering. Thank you
Peter from Haverfordwest.
January 2019. Rob, all received and job done! Excellent product for Dragons’s Den?
HI Rob,
Just a quick E to let you know “WHICH” magazine have asked Aga owners to submit articles on their Agas! As I found your Barrel Lifter such a great bit of kit I have included your info in my article so hopefully you might get some enquiries/sales Hope you don’t mind but thought I ought to let you know just in case!!
Ian from Guernsey Dec 2018.
Thank you – The Aga lifter kit has arrived and is excellent. As a clockmaker I really appreciate you attention to detail – you are a star!
The packaging was also excellent – even the reinforced corners on the box!
Timothy from Taunton.  (Oct 2018) 
Greetings Rob Your lifting kit arrived this morning in good order and I have just finished using it to service the Aga which is now lit and warming up nicely. What a good tool it is and I have been admiring the way it has been made and the finish of it – quite a work of art in its own right.
Jon from Somerset.
  (October 2018) Hi Rob. The lifter arrived in good order yesterday. A very nice piece of work. I used it yesterday and it worked perfectly.
Thank you very much for your speedy service.
Neil from France.
Hi Rob. Used the lifter today, (Oct 2018). Absolutely brilliant thanks. Sadly I need a new inner barrel (not quite yet but it’s 50% split apart).
It looked ok last year. I’ve sourced a replacement used one. So I’ll need the lift again in a few weeks.
Hi Rob.
Just dropping you a note in relation to the lifting tool. I’ve used it over thirty times now and find it quick and easy to set up.
I’m very happy with the quality and the design and have recommended it to another AGA engineer.
John from Lincoln. March 2018. Just to let you know lifter kit arrived in good order yesterday morning, thanks for supplying such a well engineered and thought out product, following your instructions everything assembled and was able to carry out Aga service with ease despite burner and supply pipe needing the carbon drilling out, now back together and up to temp.Martin in Dorset. January 2018.
Hi Rob. Just to let you know I used the lifter Tuesday to do a particularly difficult AGA conversion fitted under an inglenook. My usual method of climbing on top and lifting out the barrel between my legs (not a pretty site) was not possible. The lifter was assembled in minutes and lifted out the barrel with ease. This is the best £150 spent for a while as I am still walking upright with all my tackle in the correct place. I would definitely recommend this to anyone doing AGA servicing and to think that 2 AGA services will pay for it. There aren’t many tools bought these days that are paid for as quick as that.
As you know this is the second one I have bought as I left the last one with my previous employer and I think the design changes you have made are very good.
For the money I would say this is a great product 10 out of 10.
Henry in Chichester. Nov 2017. Lifting kit arrived safe and sound and I have checked it all. I am impressed with the quality of the materials of the kit, its design and its speedy delivery. Many thanks for your excellent service – and thanks from my back!
Ann in Argyl. Nov 2017 SO pleased with the lifter. I have just returned home from Edinburgh to find that my husband has serviced the Aga while I was gone and can still move!! It is a wonderful device and will take the pain and dread out of the process.
Dear Rob, Just wanted you to know how very grateful I am for your crane design Aga barrel lifter. Every time we use it I feel most tremendously thankful to you for your most superb invention which enables us to service my Aga, (which is set into a recess with cupboards above ) .It has made such a huge difference to be able to service the Aga ourselves as soon as there is any problem. With many, many thanks.
Steve from Somerset (Sept 2017) Many thanks for your recent dispatch. A superbly engineered device which meant I could service the Aga yesterday
Mike in N Yorks (May 2017) Hi Rob, just to let you know I finally got round to using the lifter and it was great, works brilliantly, and well-engineered.
Andrew from Monmouth. (2017) Hi Rob, Just to say thanks for your prompt service. Your plate lifter is really well made and does the job excellently. Just what I need and I wish I had come across your website a long time ago.
Steve from Suffolk. I purchased your lifter several years ago (Nov 2013) when I had broken a couple of ribs. I use it daily for work it’s brilliant.
Andrew from Suffolk. (June 2016) Dear Rob, Have just carried out service on my Aga and used your Hot Plate Lifter. It worked brilliantly and was very simple to use. My back and I are very grateful!
John from Isle of Man. (March 2016) Hello Rob, Many thanks or the Aga Barrel Lifter parcel, which arrived this morning.
Erica from Essex (Feb 2016) Just to let you know our kit has arrived and Alan is very pleased with the quality and finish.  The aga is still running well and we can’t believe that it is still going after over 6months but now we will be able to service it without breaking anyone’s back! Thank you,
It is clearly a very well made high quality product, and I send you my congratulations on that.
Stuart from Dorset. Dec 2015. Hello Rob. I used the AGA barrel lift yesterday and the stove is now serviced and back in use.
Your AGA barrel lift MK 3 was a delight to use. The quality and design of the various components being first class. The kit was easy to assemble and clearly marked for the assembly and use. I would like to complement you on producing such a well designed item – and of a very reasonable cost.
Simon from Chelmsford. (Aug 2015) Hi Rob. Just put the Aga back together and so impressed with your device!!!
Simple to assemble and operate. No more taking several minutes to pluck up courage to lift the beast and just hoping that the back would hold out and same again putting it back. Wish you much success with this very ingenious and well manufactured piece of equipment
Matthew from Suffolk. Dear Rob. The lifter arrived, I have tried it and it’s excellent.
Henk from Surrey. Dear Rob, Lifter arrived Saturday. I used it today. Excellent piece of kit. Saved my back!
Katherine from Kent. Kit arrived today as promised. Already assembled and works very well. I can’t thank you enough for developing this. We always had a professional service our AGA but only because we couldn’t manage the lift. There will be no stopping us from here on in!
Adam from A B Engineering Thank you so much it’s a brilliant well made tool (May 2015)
Andy from North Yorkshire. I had a call out to a sooted Aga from one of my customers this morning. Gave me a chance to use the lifter, and all worked just as it should do.
Great idea, and well put together. Just need to make a shelf in the back of the van for it to sit, then it’s all sorted.
Brendan in Republic of Ireland (Dec 2014) Hi Rob. Received the kit and I am very impressed with design and construction. Thanks
Anne from Republic of Ireland (Dec 2014) Hi Rob. My Aga Lifter arrived yesterday evening. My husband was here and he was like a child getting an early Christmas present. He opened it all up and all I could hear was, (well fair play to him he knows what he is doing) he actually thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread.
Many thanks again, it was a pleasure to do business with you.
Ryder from Warwickshire (Dec 2014) Hello Rob The kit arrived this afternoon, and was put to use immediately. It is everything you said it would be – simple, sturdy, easy to assemble and use, plus it is very nicely finished and looks a long way from ‘home-made.
Having struggled for forty years to extract the wretched pot using exactly the same method but my own Heath Robinson equipment, I am delighted to tell you that your lifter has transformed the servicing of the Aga and made it (almost) a pleasure!
Thank you also for your prompt and courteous service. My wife adds heartfelt thanks; now that the kitchen is warm she has moved back in, and I’m looking forward to decent meals again
Roslyn from North Yorkshire (Sept 2014) Thank you for sending the hoist so promptly. It is beautifully constructed and it made our Aga servicing a thousand times easier! We wish we had spotted your product years ago! Many thanks.
Norman from Belfast (March 2014) Hi Rob, I just serviced the AGA yesterday. What a difference – superb product ! Well engineered and fit for purpose. It made the whole servicing job much easier and less stressful. Thanks again and Well Done !
Brian from Devon (Jan 2014) Many thanks for the lifter – the best tool I’ve found in 30 years of servicing our Aga! Makes the whole job so much easier and safer. Well done – I hop you have a patent on it! Best wishes. Brian
Martin in Newcastle upon Tyne (Nov 2013) I can report that I am delighted with it and it worked like a dream. It was also a breeze to set up. Why every Aga service engineer doesn’t have one of these, goodness knows. Overall a first class product, Rob, so many thanks indeed.
From Brian in Scotland; Any way, congratulations on a splendidly engineered piece of machinery. The finish is great too!
I may not need to use it until the end of Summer but I no longer have the dread of lifting that core. (See also below)
From Felix in Republic Ireland; The lifter arrived at lunchtime today. Many thanks for your courteous and expeditious handling of the order.
Delivery is just in time for my ageing ‘Aga man’ to work his magic.
Brian in Scotland; (Oct 2013) This message is a tribute to your engineering skills and the design of the lifting device. The machine is expertly engineered and so simple in use. It enabled me to effortlessly lift the Aga barrel and to complete the annual maintenance in under an hour with complete ease.
Steve in Monmouthshire; (Sept 2013) “Received the Aga barrel lifter and have used it for the first time today. Removing (and replacing) the barrel was effortless.
I suffer from a damaged back and cannot lift heavy weights, but I had no problems with removing the barrel.
Even my wife, who wanted ‘a go’ found it easy. Thank you for a well made and extremely effective tool. Well worth the money!”
Richard in Suffolk; Lifter arrived Friday, I’ve only just unpacked it and had a go at assembling, seems pretty straightforward and will be a great help nowadays.
Mark, also in Suffolk; Many thanks, the lifter arrived yesterday and I had a play with it last night. It looks great and I can see will work well.
Peter in Hampshire; Many thanks Rob. It arrived safely and works a treat. I lifted it myself first and then let my wife (8 stone) do it with ease. Kind regards Peter.
Will in Hertfordshire; Have now set it up and had a go – brilliant bit of kit!
Richard in Sussex ( Hi Rob. Many thanks for the barrel lifter which I received today. It works brilliantly and is so well made!
John in Gloucestershire; (Oct 2013) I received the Mk3 crane yesterday and tried it out today. It is very well made and the best thing since sliced bread for getting the AGA barrel out for servicing! Many thanks for the prompt service. Well worth the money.