Denver Sluice to Popes Corner on the Great Ouse

From Denver we are able to cruise the whole of the Great Ouse to Bedford, However there are several tributaries to the Ouse to explore. After only 1 mile The River Wissey is first up, branching off left, 10.5 miles to Oxborough Wharf, good cruising in open countryside.

11 miles further along the Great Ouse the Little Ouse branches off, with 16 miles and 1 lock to the end of the navigation where there is a short 40 foot lock and not worth going beyond, and we are too long anyway. Mooring here for supplies in Brandon. Again good quiet cruising.
Rejoining the Gt Ouse and Littleport Village is nearby, good moorings and a chance to stock-up on provisions again.

In 2003, a Harley-Davidson statue was unveiled in Littleport to commemorate the centenary of the motorcycle company. William Harley, father of the company’s co-founder William Sylvester Harley, had been born in Victoria Street, Littleport, in 1835 and emigrated to the United States in 1859

The River Lark is next, branching off left, another 10 miles of country cruising with only Isleham lock towards the end where we overnighted.
But there’s plenty to see, just a mile up river is the Prickwillow Engine Museum, mooring close by allows access to this wonderful museum.
Further along we were treated to an aerial display of two WW2 Hurricanes and a Spitfire, totally unexpected, but how fortunate.

Rejoining the Ouse and another landmark City to explore. Ely sits right on the river Ouse, with good moorings and plenty to see.

Further along the Gt. Ouse and the River Cam leaves the Ouse at Popes Corner Marina into Cambridge.
From Popes Corner, still on the Gt.Ouse, we go on to Erith, and a short tidal section with a rise-fall of only about 1 foot.
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