Chester to Anderton Boat Lift

There was a huge canal breach here the year before, which closed the section for nearly a year.
Then turning left onto the Trent & Mersey Canal at Kings Lock Junction and up to Anderton, where the famous 50′ Boat Lift is.
We didn’t use it this year, but had been down and up it in 2018. Pictures of us there in 2018.
We moored for a few days outside the Lion Salt Works and museum. An amazing place which looks almost derelict from the canal but fascinating inside and well worth a visit to see how salt was produced and the heritage links with the canal.
Meeting up with good friends Jean and David from Oxford, ex boaters. A great few days with them visiting Ellsmere Port Canal Meuseum, Weaver Hall, Arley Hall & Gardens and having a memorable time with them.