Aldersley & Autherley Junctions to Overwater Marina.

From here it’s plain sailing, the only awkwardness is whats known as “The Shroppie Shelf”. This is all the way up the SU and consists of underwater concrete slabs that slope away from the towpath leaving about 12″ of water, too shallow to get into the bank to moor without the Chine (bottom edge of the hull) rubbing noisily against it. From previous trips I’d anticipated this and devised a long wooden spacer to keep the boat in water yet moored securely. It worked well and meant we could moor anywhere rather than be restricted to town type moorings. There’s a good place for fuel at Wheaton Aston, Tuckers, always the cheapest so we filled up.
Several overnight stops up to  Adderley Locks where, all the way from Norfolk, our Elizabeth met us and helped us through the locks and stayed overnight. Great to see her if only briefly. There was a music festival at the Shroppie Fly which she enjoyed.
Then into Overwater Marina. The SU Canal is characterised by deep cuttings and high embankments.