Well done Victoria Pendleton.

No relation, as far as I know, but great to follow a namesake in the
Olympics. And recently in Strictly Come Dancing 2012 on BBC1, but didn’t make the final.

Enjoy “retirement”. Thanks for giving us years of GB success. Good luck Victoria.

Chagford Show is always the third Thursday
in August.

Mill End Hotel

The Wedding of William and Catherine, Chagford 21st May. The bride and her father left the Mill End Hotel in an American Police car for the wedding in Chagford, followed by a reception at nearby Monks Withycombe.

January 2010 Brenin’s Crown
I’m immensely proud and grateful to Janet Ruth, an American authoress, for using one of my photographs of Scorhill Stone Circle as the front cover image for her latest 300 page Romance Novel, Benin’s Crown. I’m a slow reader so haven’t read it yet but the text below taken from the rear cover describes the novel. Copies of the book are available from the publishers Booksurge at or by email [email protected] Or Amazon at ISBN is 978-1-4392-6605-2

Bennin's Crown 2010 novel by Janet Ruth Photo by Rob Pendleton

Janet with her book this Summer

When Janet and family visited Devon.
As the daughter and only child of Queen Morveren and King Brenin, young Addien leads a life of luxury and security. But when all she loves is torn from her, she must learn to survive by relying on her own courage and strength of character. In doing so, she also learns about trusting others and holding onto her faith. Growing to womanhood in dangerous times, she must face disappointment, betrayal, and isolation while keeping a secret many would die to discover. For she alone has the power to choose who will take her father’s place as king.
Set in the Dark Ages of British history, the story moves from a Roman-built city, to a ring of standing stones, to a Celtic stronghold, each based on real historical sites.
In this land of contrast merged the passion of the Celts, the intelligence of the Romans, and the influence of the early church. This is where faith and fantasy meet, where good and evil are not always clearly defined, and it is not always possible to know the right thing to do.

Mythic Garden

Below are just 2 of the many sculptures on display (and for sale) at the Mythic Garden and Birch and Alder Arboretum near Chagford. Open all year but the sculptures are seasonal from May. The low light at this time of year (late Sept) makes it a wonderful place to visit. Go to Mythic Garden website for more info. Or visit picasa for more pictures and a slideshow.

Mythic Garden Chagford DevonMythic Garden Chagford DevonMythic Garden Chagford Devon

Castle Drogo

Castle Drogo sits on top of the Teign Gorge, and from Furlong, where we live, dominates the horizon.
Jill was asked by the Okehampton Times to take photos of visitors enjoying the guided tours of the roof, which is not normally open to the public. However, quite a good covering of snow had fallen overnight which left the roof very slippery and a danger to visitors so we were alone (great) on the roof to enjoy the views.
Here’s a couple of pictures from the morning, More on my photography page.

Castle Drogo NT property entrance  View from Castle Drogo over Furlong towards Dartmoor  The long and winding road.....that leads me to....Dartmoor

South Devon Railway

South Devon Railway       South Devon Railway

A day out on the South Devon Railway. Brilliant! From Buckfastleigh to Totnes, only a short ride but fantastic fun. Hats off to the volunteers who work tirelessly to make this all work so well. We had intended to do the boat trip on the Dart but Totnes took up most of the day

Stage 5, Tour of Britain cycle race 2010, Tavistock to Glastonbury.

Came past our house today 15th Sept 2010. There seemed to be as many Police motorcyclists as racing bicycles. But here are a few shots on the A382 as they rode up towards Whiddon Down. 

Police motorcycle  Tour of Britain 2010

Devon Air Ambulance Trust, motorcycle fundraising run across Dartmoor 12th July 2009

Just a few of over 500 motorbikes that took part in the fundraising run across Dartmoor on Sunday,
all sizes all types, all ages, all sexes of riders and pillions. To see more pictures please follow this link to my Picasa album.

DAAT Fund raising bike ride 2009 DAAT Fund raising bike ride 2009 DAAT Fund raising bike ride 2009


The UK has had its fair share of bad weather for this time of year.
Life becomes difficult when it snows heavily on Dartmoor.
The farmers are having a terrible time, not only with the blanket of snow but with temperatures never getting above freezing during the day and falling to -15 at night. All the indoor drinking water for the livestock has frozen solid.
Our farmer is letting the stock back into the fields to drink for a short time, before bringing them back in again. Difficult enough normally, but testing in these conditions.
We haven’t had the car out for over a week now, fortunately we stocked up with provisions and should be ok till after Christmas.
Our village is within walking distance and the main roads to it are now passable for HGV deliveries so at least the shops have enough to keep stocks up.

Here’s a few pics of our village.
Quad bike and trailer in Chagford

Meldon Rd Chagford in The snow

Snow man in Chagford

Chagford play park in the snow

Cows feeding in the snow
This pic taken on Christmas day. All the snow has gone now, (31st Dec)
thank goodness.

Snow on my Ryan Greenhouse
Quite a weight of snow on the greenhouse roof.
Didn’t want to leave it in case we had even more.

Winter 2009-10

On the wall by our garden. This Fox looks in need of feed, but our hens are only a few metres away. We watched it for a while, but the proximity of the house, and the smell of our dog put it off.
Later it jumped down from the wall and into the field and away.
She (or he), may well be back so a constant lookout is necessary.

Fox in our garden
Snowy bird table