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This eBay link takes you to my ebay items for sale, sometimes lots, sometimes not many.
Plently of Atco Mower Manuals and Lister Diesel manuals.
Over 2000 items sold and 100% positive feedback.

My recommended lawnmower parts and garden machinery supplier in Exeter willing to post items UK and worldwide.

RS2 Online, a great resource and community for the Escort RS MKI and MKII

Sleeman and Hawken

Photo by Rob Pendleton

Having used Eclipse Internet for over 15 years they come highly recommend by us.
Based in Exeter, with very helpful UK based customer service centre on a local call rate,
free if you use their excellent 'Talk More' phone service for FREE telephone calls 24/7.
Click on the banner to find out more.

Lingo Design

Welcome to Lingo Design, for a professional website. A graphic design company in Norfolk, specialising in eye-catching graphic design,
 such as e-Commerce, CMS and bespoke websites, plus print and beautiful branding, with tasty results.

Exeter Babies
Here it is, at long last! The directory you've all been waiting for. "Where are the best toddler groups in Exeter?"
Here, listed by day to make life REALLY easy.

The playpark in Exeter, DevonSpecial swing
What is this playpark in Exeter all about?

This is an inclusive playground where the equipment is almost
all wheelchair accessible. The equipment is designed to encourage
co-operative play and is large enough to be used by older disabled
children who may need more space for wheelchairs and sometimes helpers.

King George V Playing fields, Topsham Road, Exeter,

Staffordshire past track A wonderful archive of Stafford and Staffordshire. Thank you for the Lloyds Garage photograph.

Mythic Garden and Stone lane Gardens  A wonderful experience, National collection of Birch and Alder. Sculpture exhibition.

  Bearing Boys :: for all your bearing and power transmission needs
Bearingboys, excellent supplier of all sorts and sizes of bearings, drive belts,      tools and much more. for those difficult to find bearings.
Highly recommended.

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